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Angels in Heaven

Behind the Song

This is the only cover on the album, it’s a traditional gospel song that has been performed by countless artists over the years. I became aware of it after hearing a raspy, impassioned Tom Waits version. I think regardless of your religious persuasion there’s something incredibly powerful about traditional gospel songs.  They contain a purity and sincerity that gives them that transcendental nature that they were intended for.

I once read an article about an American Troubadour who talked about how he dealt with life on the road and when asked how he dealt with a run of bad shows or unappreciative audiences he said that he had a mantra he would repeat to himself before going on stage, ‘sing it for the gods’.  I always liked that and it’s something Carly and I often say to each other if a show isn’t quite how we imagined it and it reminds us to experience and really feel the songs, taking us out of what is immediately around us. I guess for me that’s what Gospel music is all about.

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