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Behind the Song

Pictures was written about a year after one of my best friends died of cancer and is about the lessons that can be learnt from those experiences, if given a bit of time, whilst also just accepting that sometimes you’re just going to feel grief and finding peace with that. I think sometimes it’s easy to feel that you should be experiencing grief in particular ways at particular times but in reality it often hits you in unexpected and unexplainable ways, silly little things like going to call that person to tell them about your day, having a vivid dream where they’re very much alive or feeling like they’re beginning to fade in some way from your memory, they’re all normal reactions but I think it’s important to share them to create an awareness that we all go through these processes.

Ultimately though the message of the song is that one of the important realisations to be made from the death of a loved one is that life is precious and fragile and that we can’t let grief close us off from experiencing the rest of the life we have left. 

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