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She Cries

Behind the Song

Musically I originally wrote She Cries in a major key in an attempt to veer away from my habitual tendency to ballad in three chords but when I took it to Josh he played it in E minor and there was no going back.


In terms of the content, I was having a very difficult time with a very important person in my life and it was my way of reminding myself that usually when someone is treating you badly there is a reason and their anger and coldness is often a result of a deep-rooted fear and inability to communicate that fear. Our society values strength and power to the detriment of our wellbeing and any display of emotion is seen as weakness and a loss of control. She Cries serves as a reminder to stay open, honest and soft in difficult times and not to be turned hard by the world.

It was also a humbling reminder of facing my shadows, shortly after writing this song I realised that I had inadvertently written about my own habitual pattern of closing down in the face of difficult emotions! An insightful and very healing experience that led to the reparation of this particular relationship.

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