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When Sorrow Calls

Behind the Song

When Sorrow Calls was inspired by the sight of a homeless man standing in front of one of those advertising boards for the new housing developments in Milton Keynes. There was something really poignant about the image of this man looking at this picture of an idealised and probably un-realistic family life and I started to wonder what it was he was thinking and what his story was. Out of that came a whole narrative about a man who had lost contact with his family after having his trust broken by his wife but who still held a longing for what he had. Overall the song is just about the human ability to stay resilient through unimaginable heartaches and turmoil and just an admiration of peoples ability to carry on.

I also think it’s really easy in modern society to have a pre-conception of people and what they may be like but actually I think it’s incredibly important to be curious about people’s stories and make an attempt to understand why people are where they are and their motivations. I think through changing your mind-set in that way and seeing people as individuals rather than groups you start to enrich your own life and find empathy for people you may have once felt no connection with.

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